*insert TikTok sound* hey, hey how y’all doing?

It’s been a while huh? It almost feels like I’m starting that awkward introduction we were all forced to do on our first day of school but I can reintroduce myself on my next post if need be.

I’m B A C K ! I’m so excited to be back, I’m really happy to be back actually! And to be honest I cannot tell you guys why I stop blogging I don’t know if it was quarantine or what was going on during quarantine. I had a lot going on in my personal life that I am I’m not ready to talk about but it was a lot and I just didn’t know how to cope with it. It was a lot on me mentally and emotionally. I just didn’t want to project that onto you guys or fake it. Because everything was not rainbows and unicorns behind closed doors. I had to take a break from Instagram because I began to feel angry about other people’s happiness and I knew that at that point I needed to step back because that’s not healthy.

I can honestly say that I am in a better place and I won’t sit here and tell you guys that I don’t have bad days because I would be lying. I’m still working on myself I don’t think there’s a set time for you to be fully healed or fully at peace. It takes time and I had to learn to accept that. Because honestly, I was just like “can we just wave a magic wand and just fix me” but that’s not how it works.

I think it’s the perfect time to come back because i can share this journey and I’m ready to get back to what I really enjoy doing which is writing. So many good things have happened in my life during this little downtime of mine. I’ve made a group of friends y’all like I literally have a group of friends can we just take the time to acknowledge and applaud that because y’all I thought your girl was going into her 30s friendless. And speaking of friends we actually took a girls trip. I literally had the best time ever! I had a few drinks, few laughs, and maybe two or three cry it out sessions you know the usual.

And also I am about to be a mom to a 13-year-old boy I mean that itself it’s like such a statement for me because I’ve had to have some conversations and I’ve been told some things that I did not want to hear but you know that comes with the territory and I’m here for it well Kinda not really but you know I mean what else can I do. I started working out again, you know just trying to take care of myself in all aspects.

I mean there’s just so much going on and I can’t wait to share everything with you! As far as my content it will still be lifestyle, mom life, fashion, my faith journey, and whatever else I find interesting because you know me I’m all over the place, I like to share a little bit of everything.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you really enjoyed this post. And that you follow me along on my journey.