The countdown to 30 has officially started for me we are 6 months away from the big day. Can I say that I am actually looking forward to it. Now it was a completely different story last year. I would literally cringe at the thought of 30, but my spirit animal Kourtney Kardashian has made me look at age differently I mean homegirl ages so gracefully. 

Last year while I was having my midlife crisis, I made it my mission to find a skincare routine that worked for me. Because you know I don’t have within me to get anything done and also because I’m not rich like that lol. And I’m trying to keep my skin as healthy and young looking as I can. My skin is a bit hard to describe but it is a mix of oily and dry it just depends on how it’s feeling. It’s also very sensitive and breaks out with no hesitation, this is usually how I know what products to use.

I am happy to report that I have found my holy grails! They all happen to be Cruelty-free and they are very affordable. My goal is to eventually find and use a vegan products but for the right now I love that all of the products I use are cruelty free.  And I want to share them with you because sharing is caring and you never know you may want to try some of these products out.

Earth to Skin White Tea Cleanser

I started using Earth to Skin at the beginning of the year and I absolutely love it here! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, you don’t need a lot because a little goes a long way. Ya’ll and guess where I found this…Walmart! And guess how much it was $7!! Yes you read that right! Earth to Skin is a cruelty free company and the use everyday ingredients that we can pronounce. They have three different lines to choose one this on is from their tea line I also use their super fruits line which is next. 

Earth to Skin Super Fruits Serum

Now if theres something you must know about me is that I love serum…like im legit obsessed. To me they are just so hydrating and they make my skin feel so good so I use more than one but this one here is in my top 3! Its consistency is perfect not to runny not too thick and it smells amazing. And it’s only $9.

Pixi +C Vit Priming Oil

I’m kinda fan girling right now because Pixi has always been a brand I had always wanted to try so when they sent me their +C Vit line y’all I almost fell out! I have been holding on to this product like my life depended on it lol! I use this product on days I’m feeling E X T R A fancy. And this can be used as a prep before you apply your makeup however I use it like serum because of the Vitamin C. And y’all my face the next day feels and looks like the skin gods kissed it themselves. 

St. Ives BlackHead Clearing Scrub

Must I say more your girl kinda struggles with black heads and this here has come in clutch! Believe me when I say this leaves my skin feeling amazing, I will say that in order for you to really see results you have to at least use it 3 times a week. I however only use it 2 times because my skin is a bit weird. And you can’t really go wrong with St. Ives their prices are just as amazing. 

St. Ives Watermelon Glowing Moisturizer

Last but certainly not least I have another St. Ives product, as you can see here I have a pattern going here I tend to go for herbs and fruits lol. This has the same consistency as the Earth to Skin serum. Its super light and smells so good. It hydrates my skin and I feel like it does leave a glow but now like a “I just slapped a whole hand of oil” it’s more fo subtle glow. 

Vanity Planet Face and Body Cleansing Brush 

Just throwing in a little bonus, this is the brush that I use and it has helped my skin so much. I use to be the girl who used their hand to clean the face (don’t judge me) but since investing on this brush it has been a game changer! Theres so many different price ranges for cleansing brushes so you have options this one was around $25, not too bad right. And it comes with 4 different brushes a steal if you ask me.

I try to stay within a budget when it comes to buying skin care because sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes discouraging because you may feel like its a little too much. Trust me I know you’re talking to the biggest penny saver, and all these products are super affordable and work wonders. I also use other products that are a bit higher in price but I tend to gravitate to these the most. 

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have used any of these products or what other brands I should try. I am always open to trying new products specially serums.