Hello & Welcome to My Blog!

Hello & welcome to my blog!

First thing is first thank you so much for clicking the link and stopping by to say hi. I know it’s been a wwhhiillee. It’s been a journey, to say the least. But I am so happy to have you here and I hope you are too!

Let me introduce myself

To those who might not know me, this will all be new and exciting stuff to those of you who do well just sit and enjoy the recap lol.

My name is Miriam and I am a mama, wife, blogger/content creator, fashion lover, thrift enthusiast, and self-proclaimed plant mom…that’s me in a nutshell. But if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty here it is. I am a thirty-year-old Latina living in the big ol’ Texas. I was born in Mexico City but came to the United States to chase the American dream with my parents (i can give ya’ll a whole story about this at a later time) I graduated high school and went to college and finished the billing and coding program (your girl is educated or whatnot)

Like I said I’m a mama I have three kids Noah the teenager, Kason who’s 9 but thinks he’s 25, and Kamilah who’s 6 and thinks she’s my mom. Met my husband in high school didn’t give him the time or day until senior year and here we are in 2022. He is not Noah’s dad he is his bonus child. Blended family.

Social media has always been a part of my life way before when it was just me and Noah during my youtube days and thinking i was a makeup guru...sorry to those who saw those videos…to me giving random pregnancy updates when I was pregnant with Kason on blogger. To me getting my first ever paid campaign on Instagram thanks to Kamilah.

This is definitely not my first rodeo.

I have always limited myself and to be honest, doubted my ability to do what I love doing which is writing and creating. I am the one to hype everyone and tells them to go after what they love doing but I sang a different tune when I even thought about going after what I wanted to do. Mostly because my story is very different, my story is far from perfect. But I have had some downtime recently.

And after many prayers, a few tears (a whole lot of tears), and reminders from friends something woke up within me. I am too deserving of living my wildest dreams and having big goals and actually achieving them. 

What this blog is all about…

-Affordable + clean beauty self-care Sundays over here are bomb! And serums are my love language.

-Affordable fashion not just for us but for the kids I may throw in a few for the men here and there. I love thrifting so a lot of the things I buy myself I would not be able to link but hey I can always find something that looks similar. But I’m also a sucker for a good target find.

-Motherhood because we all need a little advice or sometimes a good rant to know we are not alone, because mama you aren’t. These kids sometimes drive me crazy

-Faith we all need it and it’s okay to discover/reconnect at whatever stage you’re in. I would like to say that I will not be shoving anything down anybody’s throat I just want to share my experience.

Everything and anything that I find interesting.  You might get a recipe, DIY project, or a. little story time here and there who knows. I just want to show up and be who I truly am.

I hope all this made sense lol thank you so much for stopping by and see you on my next post.







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