Back To School Shopping


Ah! It’s here, it’s here back to school shopping is upon us…this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill!

The funny thing is that u genuinely enjoy back-to-school shopping because I myself get a notebook here and there that I do NOT need lol. But I know for a few parents this is like the worst type of shopping one can endure. And I’m here to help with three tips that have made my experience so much more enjoyable and easier. Especially to those who love to go to the store and shop instead of being tech savvy and ordering online. Ya’ll that shipping always gets me…



Back to School shopping

Number One: Be an early bird

You know that super popular saying that everyone just loves to use “the early bird gets the worm”... yeah that applies here. Be the early worm the earlier the better. Not only is it quiet and easier for you to move around but you can also take your time and enjoy the ride. I always go super early but this year I went like two hours later and guess what it was a nightmare. Also going during the weekday and early in the morning is the best combo ever! Because think about it a lot of us are at work (guilty) So if you’re like me try to go on Sunday morning because guess what that’s when a lot of people are at church (wink) My church has online services so I’ll be faithfully watching while shopping..its called balance.

                Number Two: Stick to the List

Pretty self-explanatory. I know that we as parents want to get our kids all the things they consider “cool” but let’s be honest by the 3rd week of school that cute notebook is going to be all torn and folded. I typically let them pick their pencil bag, backpack, and one random cute/cool thing. Other than that I stick to the regular and basic school supplies. This year Kamilah got me with the unicorn scissors (facepalm) that was her one random thing.

back to school shopping                  Number Three: Look for a deal

One thing about me is I will ALWAYS look and find a deal. I did this especially with the kid’s uniforms because I have three kids and that gets a little expensive. Also you dont always have to shop at Target or Walmart hit up a dollar store they have the same exact things. I actually got the kids some little organizers to store extra colors, scissors, and other random supplies to keep at home


If you can leave the kids behind when you go back to school shopping and if you can’t have them help you. Give them a list to get it will make the trip move a little faster and make them feel included.


back to school shopping


Hope you found these tips helpful. Happy back-to-school shopping!


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