About Me


Isn’t it weird when you’re asked to talk about yourself you totally forget who you are? No? It’s that just me? Because thats me right now lol

But anyways my name is Miriam, I am a 28 year old mama to three crazy little humans that although they drive me crazy I love dearly. I work full time, my little side hustle is instagram and my hobby/passion is blogging. I am a very caring and loving person sometimes a little too loving (shrugs) My faith is something I hold very dear and close to me, because all of this is because of Him. I love to talk, ya girl can go on for days…okay like no really I can. I love fashion, I find it very therapeutic to put outfits together and I enjoy a good thrift trip. I am an avid Pinner! Greys Anatomy is the best and P.s I love you will forever be my movie.

The three little humans I get to call mine are Noah who’s 11, Kason who’s 6 and Kamilah who is 4. I guess you can say I have a child in each age group. So its always a chaos at my house, I am not even going to lie but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been married for almost a year, but we’ve been dating for 10 years. Don’t ask me why..ask him lol. I met T when we were in 9th grade and he FELL for me right there and then…okay maybe not right there but he did like me. I however played hard to get for 3 years and didn’t give him a chance until 12th grade. You know you have to make them chase you lol. And well the we’ve been together ever since.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog! It is greatly appreciated and hope you follow my journey.